Chances are, if you’ve been anywhere near social media lately, you have had the good fortune to stumble across Rodney Norman’s stream of consciousness.

Rodney has a way of clarifying just about everything imaginable, including learning from your mistakes, explanations for what is going on in the world, how to find a good relationship, how to be a cool person, achieving complete and total enlightenment, coping with the COVID shutdowns, how to tell if you’re a stupid person, accomplishing things, dealing with anxiety and depression… and so much more!

Now that we’ve all survived 2020, Rodney is the breath of fresh you’ve been looking for to help put life back in perspective.  A former marine, comedian, therapist, life coach, motivational speaker, internet sensation, and the philosopher you never knew you needed, Rodney has agreed to provide Alaskans an evening or two of solid entertainment.  Appropriate for all audiences, and sure to leave you chuckling, even days later. 

Coming to the the Valley on April 30th, then moving on to performances in Soldotna and Homer.  Sponsored by MATSU Events.

April 30th